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Hearing is such a vital part of how we stay engaged with the world around us; it lets us keep in touch with the people we love and participate in our favorite activities. Roughly 15% of Americans over the age of 18 experience some degree of hearing loss in their lifetimes, and if hearing loss goes untreated, it can begin to interfere with our connections to what we love. If you think you may have hearing loss, Hearing Solutions of Long Island will help you understand your hearing situation and work with you to find the right treatment.

We've spent decades helping the communities of Five Towns and Brooklyn with their hearing. We believe that we can only be successful if we work as a team with our patients, guiding them through the personal decision of hearing treatment, whether that means hearing aids or not. You never have to worry about being pressured into buying hearing aids; we know that this is your life and your hearing, and we empower our patients to make educated choices.

We provide comprehensive hearing services, including:

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"Patience, love, dedication, and professionalism are just a few words I would use to describe Shalom and his practice. Through his nurturing style, he was able to convince my father to purchase and wear a pair of hearing aids. These aids helped improve his quality of life and interaction with those around him."

~ Leor S. (son of the patient), Cedarhurst, NY

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Why We're Different

Why choose Hearing Solutions of Long Island?

There's nothing cold or sterile about our practice. We keep our office welcoming, from the smiling staff at our front desk who will offer you coffee or tea while you wait, to the comfortable, relaxed, yet professional space itself. That friendliness goes right down to the core of who we are. We value the relationships we build with patients, and we'll take the extra steps necessary to make sure that you are satisfied with your hearing solution.

Dr. Stuart Shalom Motechin sees every patient himself, and he's known for his personal touch and how much he cares. Many of our patients have trusted us with their hearing for years, and they refer friends and family members to us because they know we're on their side.

Risk-free and no hidden fees

We offer a complimentary audiological examination and hearing aid consultation to every patient, so there's no pressure, no risk, and no cost. If you are even considering the possibility that you may have hearing loss, it's worth being professionally examined, if only for your peace of mind.

If you decide to buy a hearing aid from us, you're not just getting the devices, you're also getting support from Dr. Motechin himself. You will never be billed for a follow-up visit, and there's no limit to the number of times you can come in. You're welcome to schedule ten appointments a year to adjust your hearing aids - we want you to be as successful as you can be.

Your First Appointment

We always recommend that patients bring a family member with them to appointments. It's good to have someone else there to share experience and perspective on your hearing to help us get a full picture of your situation. When you arrive, our office staff will put you at ease, offer you a drink, and let Dr. Motechin know you've arrived. He'll do a comprehensive hearing test, including an examination of the outer ear with an otoscope, an evaluation of the middle ear, a tone test, and speech test. None of these tests are painful, and Dr. Motechin will explain everything along the way. Once the tests are complete, he will review the results with you and answer any questions you have. Based on what you've shared about your lifestyle and the results of your hearing examination, Dr. Motechin will give his impressions and recommendations, and order hearing aids that day.

Your second visit is the actual hearing aid fitting. Dr. Motechin will make sure the hearing aid fits comfortably in your ear, and then program the device for your hearing loss. If you purchase a hearing aid with iPhone compatibility, he will help you pair your hearing aids with your phone. We'll schedule you for a follow-up appointment a week later so that you can experience your hearing aids outside of the office setting, and we encourage you to take notes about the positives and negatives you've noticed with your hearing aids in that time. We'll then make any necessary modifications to the programming to address your needs and concerns. Generally we'll set another follow-up appointment two weeks later just to make sure everything is working out.

Featured Technology

Check out this video to learn more about the Starkey Halo and how it can connect to your smartphone! Also ask us about the Starkey SoundLens, our nearly invisible hearing aid!

Starkey Soundlens a hearing loss corrective device offered by hearing solutions of long island

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Brooklyn Office

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Five Towns Office

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